Thai Milf spinner Aom spreads her legs wide

Horny Thai milf spinner Aom loves to spread her legs
We all got different taste and some might have found the Thai milf in the previous post a bit physically worn-out. I really loves ‘Be’s‘ boobs and beautiful Asian face though. But you *can* see she has given birth. But look at me, rambling on about the previous post…. :-p
Aom is also a Thai milf, but this Asian spinner does not look like she’s given birth yet. (She has a son). I do not know much more about this girl, aside from the fact that she’s really hot to watch. Just check out the videoclip below! Enjoy!


Thai Milf Be enjoys a stiff one

Horny Thai milf be

Lovely Thai milf Be biting her lips in anticipation for a big stiff cock

Horny Thai milf Be might not have the most perfect body. You can tell she has given birth, but who cares. She’s obviously horny as hell there she lies on the bed, biting her lips in anticipation for a stiff big white cock. She do loves to fuck and she even told the photographer that ‘fucking strangers gives her a real kick’.  Personally I’m weak for Continue reading

Cute Thai ‘Brownie’ reveals inviting Asian pussy

cute thai Brownie soon to be naked

Cute Thai babe Brownie seems to have a larger appetite for sex than you will see at first glance. She’s shy (but that’s almost obligatory amongst cute Thai stunners). When you look closer you’ll see a sexual spark in her eyes that can startle you. Well, that is if you’re afraid of sexual confident Asian girls like me. (I’m weird :-p I like to feel I’m the seducer).

That aside, I’m sure you’re not getting scared Continue reading

Thai milf Am spreads her legs wide

Lovely Thai milf Am

Lovely Thai milf Am spreads her legs

Thai milf Am is one of those irresistable Asian women you’ll meet at one of the better bars in Pattaya. Her slightly hairy pussy will probably make your finger ejaculate when you touch it. Look how inviting she is there she spreads her Asian legs wide for you to examine her happy ending parts.
Many Thai milfs can’t hide the fact that they have given birth, Am can. Her Thai body is pretty flawless for a girl at this stage of life. Check out her video below, I’m sure you will want to see more :). Man I love this hot Asian milf.



The Thai porn-junkie confession

Thai Confession from a Thai Porn Junkie

Ain’t she mysteriously cute? :-)

I haven’t updated this blog for a while. Some of my regular readers have asked if I’ve come to a point where I don’t like Asian porn anymore, but here is my Thai Porn confession: I’m as addicted as ever :-). I won’t bore you with my health issues (I’m all good now btw), but I just wanted to say to my readers that Thaifuckers will continue to tell you about the best Thai porn around. I know this blog has a lot of readers still, which tells me that I’m doing something correctly. (Yes, I do read statistics). So, this post is to tell you that this blog is still alive and will be updated on a regular basis from now on.

Who can be bored by Thai porn? Well, if you find the best, you won’t. Never! :-)